Powerful and compact inspection and observation electric ROV. Open frame design allows a modular configuration and the flexibility of adding optional equipment. High definition cameras and powerful lights mounted on pan/tilt turret allow him to carry out different kind of mission:

  • Dam inspection, pipeline survey, general inspection requiring high performance viewing system
  • Underwater work surveillance and diver assistance
  • Police for safety at sea
  • Fisheries research
  • Ship building Industry
  • Underwater Hull Inspection of ships for detection of uncleared objects
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning
  • Hullthickness measurement

Unmanned Underwater vehicles that are capable of reaching a target in free-flying mode and inclined surface in carwling mode.

A dedication to providing a capable underwater solution by versatile and revolutionary MiniROV systems.

Implementing large ROV features into a small package, the LBV can perform difficult tasks not expected of smaller ROVs.



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