Seaflex WaterLoad™ water filled ballast bags (WLB’s) 

Seaflex WaterLoad™ test weights of 1ton – 35t capacity are of the most modern design based on 20 years manufacturing experience in heavy duty flexible structures. All units are constructed using procedures controlled by BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register QA. Each is supplied with 6:1 type test certification gained at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory in Glasgow.


  • High performance structural fabric canopy.
  • All RF welded seams for strength and integrity.
  • Webbing harness terminates with single steel lifting ring.
  • Heavy duty UV stabilised PVC coating.
  • Handling ladders.
  • Versatile filling and discharge arrangement.
  • Can be used singly or in clusters for load of up to 300t on one hook.
  • Multiple clusters can be used for higher loads.
  • 6:1 safety factor verified by National Engineering Laboratory Type Test.
  • Issued with Log Book, Certification, Service Record Log and Instructions
  • Delivered ready for immediate use.

While the water weight bag concept is nothing new, several innovative features have been incorporated in Seaflex WaterLoad™ to make the user’s life easier. Filling is by 2½” full bore ‘fire hose’ terminating in quick release couplings compatible with standard hydrants. The 20t & 35t bag invert is fitted with stainless steel female thread to accept a 3” discharge hose which empties a 35t unit in 22 minutes. Similar 2” fittings on the 10t & 5t units ensure minimum discharge times.

Handling the larger water weight units has been greatly eased by delivering them in their own dedicated storage boxes which allows the bag to be hoisted straight out of the box for filling, and when emptied, lowered and flaked back down with minimal site handling. This reduces the manpower required, reduces site time and keeps the bags protected at all times. The intelligent design and versatile filling discharge systems have made Seaflex WaterLoad™ test weights the first choice for increasing numbers of test houses world wide.

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